Introducing Folded Hugs

Ding Ding, all change!

You may have noticed one or two small changes over my social media and website areas in the last week . There’s a reason and I’ve been mulling it over for  some time.

Over the last year  or so we’ve all acknowledged that time is precious and we all need some form of human contact. A letter or a card in the post has meant the world to so many as we’ve been separated by glass, distance, masks and fear. Letter writing has become the ‘new’ way of communicating again. A simple piece of paper folded in half has replaced what, for many, we were unable to do in person, send a token of our thoughts, sympathy, love and support for each other.
Whilst I haven’t enjoyed this new way of life (who has!?) it has given me time to slow down and appreciate what makes me truly happy. A hug. A nice cup of tea. A chance to smell the roses.
I make all my cards with love, each one is a little part of my imagination put to paper. I create each one hoping that it will bring happiness, or help ease sorrow, or just let someone know you are there in spirit.
Because of this and I felt that it was time for change and so I’m delighted to introduce my new name “Folded Hugs”.
Some of my social media names have changed as well – don’t worry if you are already a follower as magic will happen and you’ll still see my posts.
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Take care and happy crafting!
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