Do you like a bargain?

What would you say if I told you you could make 10 cards for only £18 (yes just £1.80 each – cheaper than the high street!)?

And what if I told you that included in that price would be a stamp set, an acrylic block to put your stamp on, an ink pad for you to keep? 

Not enough of bargain for you yet? Ok then lets add in some envelopes and the sticky stuff to put it all together.

Are you interested ?

Well those lovely people at Stampin’ Up! have done just that with their all inclusive card kits. Not only do you get all of the items above, but you get to try something new and have fun creating your own cards to give away. Now that’s priceless!

My friend Gill recently had a go with one of my kits – I think her expression says it all!

Pop over to my shop for more information

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