Take that Sunflower

So Take That, the boy band of my youth (and a bit more) are live on social media . Even Robbie is joining in. Could they be Back For Good?

And of course the only place to listen in my now full household is the craft room (apparently teenagers these day’s don’t appreciate music – Everything changes!)

So what better to do than a a Karaoke Craft-a-long to A Million Love Songs!

I love this new ‘Celebrate Sunflowers’ stamp set from Stampin’ Up! which Only takes a minute to make.

Could it be magic? No just Patience and Do What U Like to pull this one togetherI Pray I can make lots more and don’t have to be Up All Night.

Ok that’s quite enough of the song titles – Sorry. 

If you’d like a copy of the new catalogue (out on 3rd June) which includes this set, then do let me know.

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