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Thank you for joining me for this wonderful “By Royal Appointment Guest Blog” post. This is something I do each week we will welcome a different designer from our amazing team, the Royal Stampers.

So this week our guest designer is Sue Hookins from SU PaperWorX. A huge thank you to her for this project. All the details can be found below which will also link to SU PaperWorX website so you can look at other beautiful creations made by her. If you would like to purchase any of the Stampin’ Up! items used for this project, click on the product photos below. You will be taken to my Online Shop where you can find more information and order craft products 24/7. Enjoy the amazing creativity from the wonderful Sue and if you have any questions, please drop me a message.


At the recent craft session in Hailsham on 24th August we focused on Cute!!  We do not normally work on projects like these but they were a big hit and great fun. 

Cute images always make me smile and these were no exception.  They are also useful as they are gender neutral and can be used for many occasions. We used the “We’ll Walrus Be Friends” and the “Over the Moon” stamp sets.  We made the pendulum card in class, but I made a sample showing a similar design depicting the cow jumping over the moon on a slider card, but this was a more complex method and used the retired Shooting Star dies to create the curved slot and slider mechanism. 

The pendulum card worked well as it creates the movement of the cow through the rocking of the semi-circle shaped card which is supported by the tab mechanism shown below to give it strength and prevent it splaying out and not standing up.  The 1p coin suspended on the acetate ‘pendulum’ ensures the card continues swinging.

This was the slider card I created as an alternative method using the retired curved slot dies in Shooting Star set.  This was more intricate to construct as the ‘shadow’ behind the aperture was tricky to place in exactly the right location.  Plus the moving ‘arm’ needed to be double layered for strength.   A simpler version would have used a straight line slot, but I never seem to go for simple!!

The overall effect of both the cards was good but definitely the pendulum method was the easier to construct.  Now to look for other designs to create a pendulum for, perhaps some naughty Elves from the new Christmas set!


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